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It is well known that between the ages of 0 and 6 the foundations of personality are formed, those that will most powerfully influence our decisions as adults and our beliefs about the world, not to mention our way of loving and accepting to be loved.

Such a crucial age needs the best care. Low ratio, free movement, limits that give security, unconditional love … And at El Petit we have joined the growing list of Alternative Education projects that are daring to try. Day after day, school year after school year. Learning along the way.

The Petit Molinet was born in 2012, in the midst of a big economic crisis, but from the beginning we wanted to offer a space for community upbringing that would last over time and in the neighborhood. Over the years, we have faced a number of obstacles, the last major one being the health crisis caused by Covid and the subsequent economic crisis, and we have overcome them with the help of the whole community.

That’s why we’re asking you now. At Petit Molinet we need your help to make our project sustainable over time.

We ask you to support a way of understanding childhood and the world, to participate in a discreet but powerful revolution, led by a community of families and an educational team that changes the world through care every day.

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If you want to know more about our project, here is a summary.

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  • because you believe in the transforming power of a respected childhood, where the evolutionary needs of children are met (freedom, security and unconditional love)
  • because you see the need for a society that shares the responsibility of parenting, where it is easy for families to “make a tribe”
  • because you want the Petit to continue to offer over time a space of care for children and their families in the neighborhood and in Barcelona in general
  • because you have been part of the Petit or you will be part of it and you love the project
  • because you share our values

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