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At Petit Molinet we believe in communitarian upbringing, although we know it is not in fashion. In recent decades, parenthood has become a rather lonely and filled with insecurities practice. From our small window to the world, we want to promote a strong social web: made up of family, educators, neighbours, shop owners, artisans, etc. that structures and supports the upbringing of children in their own surroundings.

That is why we strive to create and maintain links with other entities, always under the pedagogical paradigm of Social Education.

In addition, we try to collaborate whenever possible with students from all disciplines, with creative people willing to create articles or reports, with experts in Solidarity and Social Economy…


“Intergeneracción” project

At Petit Molinet we are convinced of the advantages of learning from different generations. Hence the link with L’Onada Day Care Center for the Elederly, located in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, and which the eldest kids from Petit Molinet visit once a week.

Our purpose is to promote a constructive link with the childrens’ environment, provoke the development of social skills in the intergenerational scene, invite the identification and expression of basic emotions in that encounter and acquire the capacity for self-regulation and empathy in situations that may be new to them.

During our time there, there is always a moment of shared play with the “grandparents”, in which we all strive to understand and respect each other. There is also time for free play in the fantastic courtyard and garden of l’Onada.

“Tierra bajo los pies” project

This project was born from the realisation, by both educators and families of Petit Molinet, for the need for children to be in contact with less urbanized environments in their day to day, where they can step on land, see the sky and its amplitude, have contact with plants, insects and animals, witness the cycles of the seasons, etc.

This is how the collaboration with the community garden of La Font Trobada was born, where the Petit Molinet has a plot and to which the children go once a week.

There, they have an experiential learning: they can look, touch, smell, listen and even taste nature. They can grasp the origin of some foods and other products of daily consumption, create an emotional bond with the environment and its need for care, and enjoy a broader play area, full of new challenges. In addition, it is an opportunity to interact with different families and people from the neighbourhood who occupy the rest of the plots of the community garden.

“Paso de cebra” project

The journey to the garden is not only necessary to reach the end, but also an adventure and opportunity to explore. And this is because when we put ourselves in the place of the little children, we naturally start observing the world again with curious eyes that are interested to everything. This project was born from seeing the value and interest the children have in the world around them.

For this reason, this project’s main objective is to strengthen the network of relationships of trust between the children and the services, small shops and craft spaces in the Poble Sec neighbourhood. As a result of established contacts, the roads become safer and more alive. The community takes action and watches and accompanies the growth of the neighbourhood sons and daughters.

«Petit Molinet is a great space. And it is so because it respects and loves the children in all their moments and states of mind, accompanying them both in the discovery of interests in the external world and in the understanding of themselves. As parents, we feel that our son is in the best place he can be».

Rita montaner

Víctor’s mother


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