…And then the musicians came to help

At Petit Molinet we are very lucky to count with the families that are part of it. Coming from all corners of the world and with the most diverse professions and talents, Music for Petit was born as a family initiative to mobilize the collaboration with our association through art. Musicians from all walks of life are participating with their songs to help us spread our message: we need your help!

We are an Alternative Education and a non profit organisation that offers a parenting space for families to raise their children on a system based on respect, freedom and unconditional love. We are involved with other entities in the neighborhood and in addition to the day to day in the space we do small trips to nature and other activities. The Covid crisis and subsequent situation are being a big challenge for us, and that’s why we need your collaboration.

We’ve been with over 300 families over the years at a very important time in their lives as a family, don’t let this journey stop! Collaborate with us and keep the Molinet spinning!

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