«Opening ourselves to the child and their processes becomes, at the same time, an opportunity to approach the secret of our own life»

Rebeca Wild

About us

We are an association of families and professionals from the social and educational world.

We are a self-managed project, which is financed with the contributions made by families. We also have the support of families and people from the neighbourhood who, through exchanges, volunteering, donations, support in publicity, and participating in activities or workshops, help bring Petit Molinet to life.

We organize ourselves in a horizontal way, making the decisions in assembly. The assembly is organized once every two months and aims to coordinate the work of each of the working groups.

Currently, the educational team is formed by:

Marisa Garcia Benko.

Psychologist and psychomotricist, trained in Alternative Education and Emotional Accompaniment. Mother of a young woman born in 2000. She has been in Petit Molinet since 2012.

Esther Jiménez Jiménez.

Trained in Conscious Accompaniment, Emotional Accompaniment and Maths manipulatives. Mother of two children born in 2008 and 2010. In Petit since 2014.

Silvia Giménez Cuevas.

Political scientist and journalist, trained in Alternative Education and Systemic Pedagogy. Yoga teacher for children and adults. She has been part of Petit’s team since 2018.

Laura Vida Ferrer.

Trained in Social Education and Anthropology, Waldorf Pedagogy and Self-taught Pedagogy. Mother of a girl born in 2012. In Petit since 2019.

«As a family, we will always remember the year Nala spent at Petit. Maybe Nala won’t, but she will definitely carry it inside and one day, when looking inside, she will discover that she is as she is thanks to the love received. Thank you for helping small great people grow.»

Pol Quintana

Nala’s father