The preschool

Petit Molinet’s educational space is intended for families with children from 2 to 6 who are looking for an alternative nursery.

The pedagogical approach of our preschool is based on the respect for the child’s genuine needs, such as freedom, security, autonomy and exploration. We feel that by embracing these needs, children can develop fully, and build a stronger and richer learning, based on their own rhythms and motivations. In particular, we pay special attention to emotional and motor support, which is so important at this stage of life.

We are…

  A project open to cultural diversity and all kinds of families, where the differences add up.

  A warm space, where the creatures meet in a familiar environment that acts as an extension of their own home.

An interactive project, where learning is driven by play, experimentation and discovery.

  A healthy project that promotes a healthy and balanced diet, respecting the nutritional options of each family, and that cares for the hygiene of each child.

  A space to share the experiences and challenges of parenting with other families and to learn the “how to” of a self-managed association.

With a very low ratio, of one adult for six/seven children, we aim to share a playful time, designed to meet the motor, emotional and intellectual needs of children.

The physical space of the school is distributed in three large areas: the psychomotor area (sala), the workshop and eating area (taller), and a very large outdoor patio. In addition to this, there are as well smaller areas for symbolic play (kitchenette), pre-reading (book corner) and other games. Children can choose where to go according to their wishes, needs and expectations. In this way we allow children to learn to regulate themselves, promoting self-knowledge and autonomy.

At Petit Molinet, the teachers (las acompañantes) are located in each of the main areas during the school time, providing with security and support to the children, without directing activities and without interrupting spontaneous play. We observe and accompany in a neutral but empathetic way, being mindful of limits and ensuring the well-being of the group.

For all this to be possible, we ask for the kids to be introduced to the school progressively and accompanied by an adult. This usually takes one month, and during this time, children and parents (or uncles or grandparents) spend some time together in the space, slowly but surely getting to know the space, the teachers and the rest of the group. It is a gradual and individualized process, where communication between the teacher and the family is key. This process ends when the kid is able to fully enjoy him/herself in the space.

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«Petit Molinet is trust, learning, love, growth, care, respect, tenderness… An oasis of calm where the little ones and their families enjoy the different stages of upbringing without haste».

Antònia Arrom

Toni’s mother