In the psychomotor room we play with our bodies, which impacts on emotions and mental processes. And above all, we have fun! Each day the room is set up differently, attending to the needs of the moment and the group of children.


In the workshop area, we experiment. Every morning a different material is suggested to the children. They paint, mould, transfer, glue, cut … It is also the space where we eat. Next to the workshop, a floor play space, where the kids can find trains, construction pieces, dolls, etc.

Book corner

In this space we take a quiet time to browse the stories we like the most. Sometimes alone, at other times accompanied by adults. Many times, an entire group gathers around a story.

Chill out zone

After eating, the energy drops and this corner is very popular. Here the kids tell stories, play moms and dads… a creative corner where anything can happen!


We are lucky to have a very large playground, which we are committed to improve every year. For now, we have a large sandpit, a wooden house, a structure to climb and swing, motorcycles to make circuits … and a lot of plants to take care of.


Between the room and the workshop, a soulful space in which meals are prepared, dolls are dressed, bags are packed…From the kitchenette, infinite symbolic games arise and expand throughout the Petit Molinet.

Our day to day


Community building